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Public Relations

The receipt prints,

"Oh, that's fine." they say, waving it away,

"As long as you don't tackle me on the way out." 

I've probably heard that same joke, over a hundred times,

From over a hundred different people, 

So much so it's like a common expression, that people don't know is common,

Just something they all say in this situation,

A thing almost as strange as how people always start walking up,

Just as soon as I try to write this down


I don't know how to relate this publicly. 


I remember, at the old job, 

We used to say at the registers, "There's always a rush when someone goes on break."

And I remember watching once, as someone left, people massing,

First loose and dispersed, then condensing into a long line,

Curling around the spinners and displays, like a weather system


I remember being a teenager in Texas, and seeing funnel clouds like that,

Grey and ragged, spiraling down from green skies in tightening threads of murk and doom,

Our backyard fence was a wood-splintered skeleton, shingles went through windows, the propane tank was in the pool, 

And every time I lower my head, to try and relate this, 

Like I know how, with a pen and paper,

Somebody drops a pile of books by my head, 

Mumbling and chattering, often confused,

They need my help


I don't know how to relate this publicly.