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True Liberty

“Are you oblivious to the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death? There is no guarantee that you will survive, even past this very day! The time has come [for you] to develop perseverance in [your] practice. For, at this singular opportunity, you could attain the everlasting bliss [of nirvāṇa]. So now is [certainly] not the time to sit idly, But, starting with [the reflection on] death, you should bring your practice to completion! The moments of our life are not expendable, And the [possible] circumstances of death are beyond imagination. If you do not achieve an undaunted confident security now, What point is there in your being alive, O living creature?” 

-The Tibetan Book of the Dead


Manjuvajramandala with 43 deities, from Tibet. Tempera on cotton. {{ PD-US }}

Manjuvajramandala with 43 deities, from Tibet. Tempera on cotton. {{PD-US}}


I've been thinking a lot tonight. Listening to tons of 60's music, mod classics, psychedelic hits, and thinking. Then I listened to that old 12 minute sound clip of Grant Morrison as a guest on Kevin Smith's podcast, describing the mystical experience he had in Kathmandu in the Valley of the Self-Created One. If you haven't heard it, I highly recommend it. Whether you come to believe it was a genuine vision of the cosmic plan, or a vivid day-light hallucination, is beside the point. Basically what happened was he scaled the stairs of a temple that was said to be a resting place of the Buddha with 365 steps, one for each day of the year, and it was said that if this was accomplished in a single breath, the devotee would be imparted with the blessing of guaranteed enlightenment in this lifetime. Well he did it, and two days later he had an intense vision, in which he believes he became separated from his body, and was given insight into the nature of our universe, and the multitude of others, by strange cosmic super-intelligences that appeared to him as floating globules of mirror-liquid. They started by taking him on a tour of the cosmos, as if to establish their credibility, and then peeled him off of the surface of the third-dimension and brought him to consciousness in the fifth-dimension, outside of matter and time. He said it was like waking up, being unplugged in the middle of some kind of game or virtual experience, and recognizing that where he was then was where he had always been. It was beautiful. In this infinite space they explained to him that they seeded their young in time in order for them to grow, by a process of experiencing information somehow, collecting data. And that these alien larvae were universes, growing, experiencing, coming to age through the eyes of the billions and trillions of living creatures inside, all with distinct personalities and thoughts and opinions. But who were all one thing, which only appeared as many from the inside, in time. They told him, for example, the first cell that divided on Earth was still in the human species.

If you remove the dimension of time you have massive chains of living things, all feeding one back into the other until the beginning, and that beginning itself feeding back into an asteroid that came from somewhere else in the universe. Your whole life sprawling back to your mothers womb like a centipede of moments, hours, minutes, split-seconds, the you that was eating breakfast yesterday morning, that was at work, that was crying, that was laughing, that was screwing, all existing simultaneously in an unbroken chain. And this chain weaves into all the others, all the way back to the common origin of the species. Now, sure, this could have been a hallucination of some kind. He even acknowledges this himself, at one point he thought it was definitely temporal-lobe epilepsy, he dissected it from every angle he possibly could. Then he realized that this seemingly rational explanation would then imply that if you have temporal-lobe epilepsy, it means that you have a miraculous vision that suggests that the entire universe is one living thing and that we are all interconnected on a trajectory towards ultimate enlightenment and spiritual liberation in the form of being birthed into fifth-dimensional hyperspace as a singular super-being. So in his words, "Shouldn't we be pressing that button?".

Now, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination asking you to believe this as one-hundred percent fact. I'm not even sure I totally buy it, I know I want to, it's nice to think about. But I'll reserve judgement until I go to Kathmandu and see the globules for myself--or wherever, I'm a seeker, I'll do the leg-work. But what I am asking is that you imagine that this is true, just for a moment, as a thought exercise. What do you do? How would it affect the way that you treat other people? What about the way that you live your life? Because while this narrative, of the super-cool cosmic intelligences who reproduce through the creation of universes, may not be the literal truth of it, the story does strike the truth in just about every other way. We are a single species, which arose from a common origin, and according to quantum physics if you move up a couple levels to fifth-dimensional hyperspace, time probably wouldn't exist (as seen in M-Brane theory, see True Detective Season 1 for a crash-course, or Michio Kaku and Brian Greene for a more in-depth study).  So from that vantage we are like a single, massive super-organism spilling across the Earth, going all the way back to the beginning. And if you just look at it from grass-roots reality, the day-to-day, we clearly all coexist on this planet, as members of a single species, and its clear that the planet itself operates on a finely tuned equilibrium, which weaves together the destinies of all living things on its surface as the working components and the inner-clockworks of its super-structure.

Then if you examine history and sociology, in tandem with individual histories and psychology, you could ascertain that human consciousness on an individual scale mimics in fractal that of the grander scale. As a species we've evolved, grown like a person does over their life, we've faced trial and error over a long history, some good, some bad, and we've reached this point in time as a part of no coincidence. You can examine media, entertainment, technology, information, as if they were the thoughts and dreams of the whole and you could even discern a relatively reliable psychoanalytic from this information. It becomes more and more obvious as technology develops, that this thing operates like a giant mind, complete with all of the pros and cons. There's the perseverance and innovation, but there are also the self-sabotaging tendencies; the self-doubt which leads to self-loathing, fear, destructive behavior. We're watching a vast orchestration of neurons and synapses play out in real time on the surface of the planet, as it is above so is it below, like the way electrons orbit an atom in the way planets do the sun or suns do the galactic core. The universe is fractal, these patterns are everywhere. So, finally, my point, what everything is suggesting to us, what every religion, in essence, has always tried to explain to us, is we are all one thing.

So think about everything that's happening in the world right now. Donald Trump is dismantling the Board of Education, meaning education in this country will likely become completely privatized, meaning only those with money get to have it, leaving an entire disenfranchised bottom-of-the-barrel class below, in total disarray I might add, which will only grow. But even that's just small peanuts, considering that Steve Bannon, perhaps Trump's most prominent puppet-master, believes in a theory of a "cleansing war". Meaning that every so often history repeats itself, and that it is beginning to do so again and a grand industrial conflict is needed to clear out excess humanity like a brush fire and establish a renewed sense of national solidarity. He believes it is his place to jump-start this process, leaving the fact alone that this man is in a position of power as both utterly horrifying and totally bewildering. And as if as an answer to his prayers, current reports would suggest that China is deep in the process of planning ways to engage in nuclear warfare as well as ground-based combat with the US. All of this is horrible, it looks as if we're staring right over the precipice of complete oblivion. After all these millions of years of evolution and change, striving and struggling, to perfect a better tomorrow, it looks like we are set to go out in a sudden poof of irradiated dust, taking the better part of Mother Earth with us. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry, to completely give over to despair. But I have to believe that there is a way out of this, because I know deep down that there is.

The fact is, as a species, as the human race, we have complete autonomy. We have the power to choose, and it is a simple choice. If we came together, in an instant we could reverse everything. All we have to do is make up this giant mind, made of billions of people, to love and not fear. You want to survive, I want to survive, we all want each other to thrive. Because it's what's best for everyone. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, love is the only rational choice to make as a species at the end of the day. We can chose to stop feeding into these shallow modes of personal gratification, of power, of greed, and support one another. We've lived long enough to know nothing else will really help us to accomplish our goals, all the information we need is there for us to look at and validate this. 

We can decide to be a planetary community, a species, an organism, a single living thing. It doesn't take violence, it doesn't even take harsh words, it just takes a simple shift that most, if not all, would naturally fall back into if they simply unburdened their hearts of their defenses and let go. It might sound like I'm pleading, and that's because that's exactly what I'm doing, I don't know what else to even say or do at this point. As a member of the species, I ask you, with everything in me, just let go and let the world heal itself. Create a wave of progressive, enlightened change so intense that no minuscule impulse of hate could stop it, make transcendence the status quo. You aren't powerless, you are alive therefore you are all-powerful in the only way that counts. The choice is simply love, and you have complete freedom in it. True liberty.