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Ah-pop-alypse Now!

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."

-David Bowie

Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests a la Warhol. Original image {{ PD-USGov-DOE }}

Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests a la Warhol. Original image {{PD-USGov-DOE}}

To William S. Burroughs--in hope that he is still alive...

Things began moving in a markedly strange direction in those times, quantum physicists of the day suggested that this was because reality itself was in fact a computerized simulation. And that the time parameter was quickly approaching a crunch, or point-of-termination, and as it did so the variables in the simulation became more and more sporadic and bizarre. It was much like the Hindu procession of Yugas, they observed, in that it represented a systematic devolution into disharmony and discord, which may very possibly birth itself out the other side of this "crunch" into a new golden age...or perhaps just utter apocalyptic annihilation, they had a running pool going, never stopping to question how one could spend gambling earnings in a universe which had ceased to exist.   

It was on the day when reality became the parody. When the Doomsday Clock inched closer to midnight, like in the post-modern, pop-art frames of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen, and in a Dickian twist society's values became so defined by entertainment, that the political process finally completed it's inevitable hybridization with reality-TV and the American people elected celebrity, and former reality game-show host, Roald Crump president. Like some sort of loud, horrible orange mutant Reagan, the veneer of civility peeled away and his thoughts on the lower-rungs of society and minority groups made clear. This strange, bombastic crypto-fascist circus of an administration, run very openly as a puppet-government by White Nationalists, who preferred not to be referred to as Neo-Nazis because the term was insensitive and hurt their feelings, seemingly diffused the entire stop-go schematic of American politics by doing pretty much whatever they wanted, employing the same methodology as an angry two-year-old--demanding ridiculous things, throwing tantrums, and shouting "No! No! No!" when presented with an opposing view point, often successfully.

Though their shelf-life was tested by rampant, bizarre corruption allegations in high places; people in key-positions dropped like flies to impeachment and resignation, found out as North Korean double-agents or serial nut-jobs who'd fractured every law and measure held sacred by decent, sensible society. Though this was symptomatic of the elite, and their completely unworkable strategy that basically entailed getting away with as much monstrosity as humanly possible until it became completely impossible, burning the gas-tank right down to empty and leaping out as the car as it sails off the side of a cliff with their constituents in the passenger's seats--whether that meant mass-impeachment, total economic collapse, or full-scale environmental apocalypse remained to be seen. Perhaps they'd see if they could make it as far as utilizing civil unrest as grounds to issue some kind of martial law state, or to heavily regulate first amendment rights. Perhaps this unrest could even be stimulated, the pot stirred so to speak, with calculated acts of aggression in which there existed certain degrees of plausible deniability. An unhinged government official pitched this very stratagem to key figures in the Illuminati as he snorted lines of cocaine off of the dark, marble slab of their boardroom table. The third eye effigies and tentacled Cthulhoid figures loomed as ornate carvings on the walls around him, seeming to close in little by little over the course of their meeting, giving him paranoia and little bites here and there from the coke bugs. 

And in what had become known as the new Ult-Right, there was a growing compliment in a burgeoning ultra-leftist transmutation of Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Neo-Liberalism, for whom even ultra-left Neo-Liberal mutant-brood weren't far left enough, who assumed that any person or persons, of any age, gender, ethnicity, or national origin, who disagreed with them was a racist, bigoted, hate-monger and probably deserved to be punched in the face and stomped around--ol' guillotine still needed polishing off before it could be brought back into the conversation, if not in a useful capacity, surely as a symbolic figurehead of progressive, humane ideals. So much so that there was a rash of beatings related simply to those so foolish or brazen as to dawn a red-cap, regardless of what it said, if anything, let alone "Make the US Awesome Again!". You can bet there were many a Pokemon GO! enthusiast who went home with busted ass and sore jaw that night. Though a great many of these acts could be attributed to a rising imperial-youth and anarchist splinter groups, who rushed through the streets in confused frenzies during protests wearing bandanna face-masks and black hoods, smashing store front windows demarcated by the familiar corporate brands and insignia burned into their crackling occipital lobes and blasted image-centers--triggered by the auto-suggestion of a lifetime exposure to popular advertising that had spiraled into a blind, mammalian flurry of feral violence and rage. Even they were so hyped and amped-up on their own adrenaline and thirst for mayhem and high-octane energy sips, that they and the special ops agent-provocateurs, who were dressed very similarly, aside from the military-issue combat boots, confused each other's rank at the demonstrations. Even in goggles, its hard to tell friend from foe in all that tear gas, so they sort of just threw caution to the wind and worked together to fuck things up as much as possible. And such was the stampede, progressing in a smog of riot-suppressant chemicals, the stamping of black-booted feet crunching over broken glass and crushed Monster cans. 

This was all only in the beginning though, the human causalities themselves were actually only incidental to the prime conflict, which was a warfare conducted with information and conceptual weaponry. Both groups, like Hindu gods, pulling the world back and forth in an eternal tug-of-war between order and chaos over the milky ocean of eternity, fired words back and forth in sound-bites and image clips, quantifying the enemy's humanity through slivers of data--label and destroy: a new kind of public-perception weapon in which the very concept of a person is killed, their soft, organic leavings laying in wait for however many years, apart from society, only for technical expiration, as the ego had died long before. The ultimate objective was to completely destroy the enemy ideology, to in effect extinguish vast areas of human consciousness. They inseminated vile manifestations through the data-streams of media like antiquated conjurers or magicians, refashioning reality as they saw fit and blasting enemy data-condensations with their images and concepts. Words spiraling in fire storms across TV screens and in social media feeds, mini Hiroshimas and Nagasakis made of data, attempting to cancel out entire subsections of the population for their beliefs or thoughts or social identity. Constructs blowing apart other constructs and rebuilding in never-ending circles. 

But what they had not anticipated was how some of these information-based attacks would translate and manifest into physical reality, as they only narrowly understood the conceptual technologies with which they waged war. Factions blasted each other with explosions of processed fractals, that in turn ate away vast tracts of the Amazon rain-forest as collateral damage. And sometimes sweeping word bombings would cause the loose fabric of economically unstable states in the Middle-East and Southeast Asia to split and they would collapse into widespread civil conflict. But it was the Illuminati, in partnership with inter-dimensional reptilians and insects, who the war really belonged to, that realized many years earlier that long-term material ramifications like this would require a more reliable technology to maintain the integrity of their program-script.

So they concluded that if reality was in fact a computerized simulation, which apparently could be hacked by mean words, then it followed that one could develop a scripting engine, or sophisticated enough hack-tool, with which to take control of the operating-system. So they seeded the trans-dimensional Word Engines in time, to script the code of physical reality, they directed them into the centers of large corporations and industrial empires, and news media and advertising agencies congealed around them in local space-time. Once they were up and operational, they coded the running processes of the material universe. This of course required a power-source, so the powers-that-be in the-chairs-they-sit decided to use human batteries, connecting them in vast arrays across power-grids and circuitry which they disguised as office buildings and suburbs, from which batteries would then be hooked into the chatter of the running Word Engines via various entertainment and media-related technologies--starting with televisions which then evolved into personal computers and smart-phones, dependence to the social-program deepening with each new kick.  

But in reality, the Illuminati were just a small group (approximately 1% of the population) of enterprising businessmen who'd become enlightened, or illuminated (wink-wink, nudge-nudge), to the reality of the world economy and found loopholes through which to acquire the majority of global wealth and by that effect enslave, and/or own, as is said in polite society, the world's labor pools in unending degrees of indentured servitude in a game of changing numbers and organized economic mumbo-jumbo. Of course sometimes they threw the odd Eyes Wide Shut party, making it in underground nuclear silos wearing the severed heads of sacrificial goats, but beyond all that superficial window dressing they weren't all that different from your average, everyday businessmen or corporate CEO's.

And, in their not often short-sighted ambition, they had actually erected a global system of communications in attempts to homogenize world governments and consolidate their power with a global currency system. The game needed to be played very carefully in the beginning stages of the operation, steadily measuring seeded isolationist and far-right governments against liberal ones, spurs of extremism against those passive social liberation and human rights movements which they allowed to exist. And then of course there were others that they played from the inside, like hamstringing the progressive Ernie Flanders campaign or full-speed a-heading the Montana Behemoth Pipeline through a major reservation fresh-water source. Their tentacled Lovecraftean controllers gave them special kudos and blessings when they interfered in the lives of the Native Americans, especially after all this time and injury, or any other of the indigenous peoples of the Earth--their earlier operations included the colonial corruption of Africa, the poisoning of the formerly holistic peoples of China with industry based pollutants, and the sinking of Atlantis. 

Unfortunately for them, they'd actually facilitated a sort of uneasy kind of world peace and forced cooperation between super-powers, given their new economic indivisibility and the strangely pacifying threat of mutually-assured-destruction through nuclear arms. This was very awkward for them indeed, because the world's situation as it stood could very easily serve as a placenta for the next stage in humankind's evolution. That is to say that this new global situation was always in the cards as a sort of growing-pain in apart of some strange cosmic plan which would lead to the emergence of a global consciousness; a humane, unified species capable of progressive change and spring-boarding itself into the stars as an interstellar civilization--much like the Federation in Star Trek. This would obviously be very bad for business, very bad indeed, because as human beings developed more value for themselves, and by proxy one another, they would no longer have any need. The entire law of supply-and-demand would collapse, people would evolve beyond simple economic currencies, it would be total chaos.

And, as if this weren't bad enough, certain of progressive liberal groups began splitting from the mainstream parties and factions within formed leftist art movements, erecting Warholian "Factories" from which they combated directly with established Illuminati-based Word-Engine technologies. They produced images en mass of spiritual and psychic liberation, spitting words of noble quality in industrial grade volumes; there were teams of poets scripting the New Cultural Front (NCF), writing verses that alleviated reality systems into broader, less strict pathways down which the human organism could dream and live. And they were aided by a whole assortment of painters, musicians, designers, filmmakers, writers, and photographers who toiled night and day either producing art or developing inspiration from downtown dance clubs, music festivals, fevered outdoor hobbies, and/or open-ended love related activities. Their entire goal was to cultivate a new culture and open the door for a new type of person to inherent the Earth; a constructive person, a true person, one who was made of the purest quicksilver and lightning shooting direct out of his or her soul. Pretty soon, after their operations spread far and wide, to the four corners of the Earth, the effects could be observed in local space-time; UFO's began bleeding from of the pavement of Hollywood Boulevard, onlookers swore they saw Christ walking on Lake Michigan and Superman flying over East Broadway, and large sections of the population reportedly even stopped giving a shit altogether about one another's religious affliations and sexual orientations. 

One can only wonder where things would go from there. As for some time many people in that bizarre, crazy universe felt like they were living in an absurd piece of science fiction, not even just science fiction but out-right satire. It seemed, to them, like the type of thing that would appear in Philip K. Dick, or perhaps more likely Kurt Vonnegut, and it would seem so utterly nuts, in a previous time, that they could reassure themselves that it clearly couldn't happen but that it's important to see the greater point or idea that it was driving towards. Well what about when the operational frequency of the physical universe, of reality, comes to synchronize so closely with satire that there's no apparent difference? What to do when the greater idea or point, as it were, has so completely fucked off that we are literally living inside of a parody? What then...? How does culture move forward?