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Another Green World: Some Reflections on Art and Optimism at the DMA

The Dallas Museum of Art possesses a sense of grandeur; the sleek modern architecture made up of monolithic concrete slabs, the tall open hallways and atrium, the long sprawling mural along the first floor wall, and the ornate gilt frames on the Monets, the Cézannes, the Renoirs.

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True Liberty

The fact is, as a species, as the human race, we have complete autonomy. We have the power to chose, and it is a simple choice. If we came together, in an instant we could reverse everything. All we have to do is make up this giant mind, made of billions of people, to love and not fear. You want to survive, I want to survive, we all want each other to thrive. Because it's what's best for everyone. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, love is the only rational choice to make as a species at the end of the day. We can chose to stop feeding into these shallow modes of personal gratification, of power, of greed, and support one another. We've lived long enough to know nothing else will really help us to accomplish our goals, all the information we need is there for us to look at and validate this. 

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