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Who Needs Privacy Anyway? Adventures in Modern American Airline Travel and Beyond

Me the whole time, as innocuous as my few items are, stressing that somehow I’d get caught in some Kafkaesque loophole and have to defend my innocence against a battery of bureaucratic absurdities—Like a dog.

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July in Retrospect: Car Fires, Utopian Visions, and the Fourth

There's this quote at the beginning of The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin, where it gets its title. It essentially states, and I'm paraphrasing, that in Genesis the rainbow was a sign sent from God, a solemn promise, that He would never flood the earth again. That next time, He would simply set it on fire. Pardon my sacrilege, but that always struck me as kind of a fucked up trade-off.

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"Dear White People..."

Seriously guys, and I'm asking as one of you, what's the fucking problem here? All I saw in that trailer was an intelligent, well-spoken young woman expressing that frat-boys and sorority-sisters should refrain from going out in black-face. Like, that was it. I'm pretty sure we can all get behind that, it's pretty simple, pretty reasonable. Then towards the end there was the suggestion of a group of black students crashing a frat-party, presumably in which said frat-kids were painting their faces in apart of some appalling segregation-era racial pastiche, like in the original film. Which I'm fine with, it was played out to a wonderfully Kubrickian effect with a classical soundtrack, and then at the end, by the time the kid knocks over those speakers, I found myself laughing.

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True Liberty

The fact is, as a species, as the human race, we have complete autonomy. We have the power to chose, and it is a simple choice. If we came together, in an instant we could reverse everything. All we have to do is make up this giant mind, made of billions of people, to love and not fear. You want to survive, I want to survive, we all want each other to thrive. Because it's what's best for everyone. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, love is the only rational choice to make as a species at the end of the day. We can chose to stop feeding into these shallow modes of personal gratification, of power, of greed, and support one another. We've lived long enough to know nothing else will really help us to accomplish our goals, all the information we need is there for us to look at and validate this. 

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Love in the Time of Kali-Yuga

My input is kind of all over the place tonight, I bought a copy of the Beatles film Help! today at work and now I'm listening to Kamasi Washington on Spotify, fucking finally, and I'm delighted to find that he is everything I've been told he is, an emerging vanguard of modern Jazz. Possibly the last one, it's really hard to say, he's either going to lead a brilliant resurgence of the genre or he'll be the dignified caretaker of its final days--a last outburst of urgent noise erupting from his sax as a hot, stifling death-rattle. Part of me believes that there's just too much strength in this man's ability and style, too much passion, for the genre to simply wither on the vine as long as he's around, but tastes have moved on by and large. It seems like most of my favorite musicians are flying low on the radar, while bigger, markedly simpler, acts dominate radio-play and larger territories in the collective consciousness wired into internet, TV, and magazines. They have the modern attention span for the moment, however so fleeting. But then again, who the listens to radio anymore anyway? 

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A Glass Asylum

...So I was driving down the street on my way to work on the morning of January 1st, 2017 and I got the impression that the entire world was hungover, if not still intoxicated or totally unconscious. Any hangover I might've had was actually pretty slight, I'd only had a few beers, an absinthe martini at Sidebar, and what I think was a glass of complimentary champagne at Hanny's at midnight (though things get a bit fuzzy around that point). And somehow I'd managed to get home early enough to get a full night's sleep before I had to wake up at 9:30 and go in for a late opening on New Year's Day.

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