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Writer's Workshop Prompts

For the past few weeks I've been meeting up with a few friends of mine and holding a writer's workshop. We meet up every two weeks and at the end of each meeting we assign some homework for the next meeting based on a prompt we all agree on. I thought I'd get in the practice of posting the material I come up with for each prompt on the blog.

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July in Retrospect: Car Fires, Utopian Visions, and the Fourth

There's this quote at the beginning of The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin, where it gets its title. It essentially states, and I'm paraphrasing, that in Genesis the rainbow was a sign sent from God, a solemn promise, that He would never flood the earth again. That next time, He would simply set it on fire. Pardon my sacrilege, but that always struck me as kind of a fucked up trade-off.

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Choose Life: T2 and Coming Full-Circle

I first saw Trainspotting when I was 16 years old, which in retrospect was the perfect time. Though I was never a drug addict of any kind, the film perfectly illustrated the process of growing up, in relation to your friends and your culture. I naturally gravitated towards Renton as a character in those days, his thoughts were my thoughts, on growing up, on going into the machine of culture and becoming a product of it. What if I didn't wanna do that? What if I thought my culture was bullshit? What if I thought it was unfair I was inheriting the mortal debt of generations of ecological and economic psychotic self-destruction? 

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The House of the Spirits

 As we turned the corner down the alley, adjoining 1st and Adams, we seemed to slip between the cracks of the sleek, shiny business district into a whole different world. One that was seeping up from the pavement and spilling over, from where people had tried to bury it. There were elaborate murals sprayed all over the alley walls; huge, looming, colorful pieces depicting a transforming tapestry of heritage and culture. The alley was rife with symbols and expression. And it didn't stop on the alley walls, it bled down across the power boxes, decommissioned ice coolers, and dumpsters. It was like a shamanic vision quest of the Amazon jungles or the Navajo desert, twisted up into modernity, pop-culture, National character, and made manifest onto gritty, urban environs in brilliant technicolor. 

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