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Picture by Julio Copelly outside of Lux Central.

Picture by Julio Copelly outside of Lux Central.

My name is Salvatore Arnoldo and I’m a twenty-five year old writer and bookseller living in the Phoenix area.

I started this blog as what was intended to be more or less an online journal where I could organize my thoughts and provide a steady stream of written output, in effect making me publicly accountable for not only my continued daily word count, but also the way in which I think.

Meanwhile, as I work the kinks out in this online space, I’m busy plying away at the various screenplays and pieces of fiction that I write, basically in isolation outside of my girlfriend and the few friends that I show them to for feedback, until such a day that I can support myself doing those things and see them realized on the screen and on the shelves of your very own local bookstore.

In addition to that, I think we’re living in a really interesting time in history to say the least and it helps blow off the steam to step up onto a soapbox every now and then.